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If JOE SEDELMAIER and ADAM McKAY had a DIRECTOR baby, that's me!

A Real People specialist, an award-winning comedic genius, a dynamic content creator, screenwriting savant, and an elite bio writer who started her career at NFL Films easily making her a singular voice in commercial production who won numerous super cool awards, once had an office with a door and boasts an extensive and glorious improv comedy career as she easily went from the stage to Super Bowls to yelling 'GET OUT OF MY EYELINE!' she prides herself on run-on sentences that occasionally contain cool information like how she pocketed $50K for a single comedic video made in 10 minutes, to her almost-not-so-famous moment in Steven Tyler's dressing room where she knocked over his keyboard, she’s also a proud member of Free The Work as her passion for directing is only matched by her talent for taggin' walls, wish her luck on her latest film Bad News Sheila starring viral sensation Mackenzie Barmen—And bravo for reaching the end of this sentence, a true testament to your endurance and a nod to the absurdity of writing bios, where we embark on the quest to appear super cool in hopes of getting on the call—how'd I do?

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