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Bad News Sheila

Short film.

Written by JLM.

Starring Mackenzie Barmen.

The BAD NEWS BEARS meets BAD WORDS in this completely IRREVERENT, surprisingly HEARTFELT story.

Sheila, the OUTRAGEOUSLY AMORAL (32 yr old) 2nd baseman for the Crocodiles little league baseball team, is determined to win the


Ultimately, her true mission is revealed in this hilariously unscrupulous, yet tender tale.

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The Reunion

Feature film.

Written by and starring Jen Ponton.

Story by JLM.

When social media mogul Polly Boone discards an invitation to her 20th HS reunion, she mysteriously wakes up in her childhood bedroom... in 1998!

Polly finds herself once again in the halls of Pillsbury High, dodging the same old dodgeballs, bullies, and

social faceplants.

To break out of this adolescent nightmare, she must trust in a wry, otherworldly guidance counselor.


If she doesn't, Polly may be doomed to go offline--forever.

REUNION V1 - SEPT 2023.jpg

Just AD Man

A documentary by JLM.

In a BOLD bait n' switch play, a female commercial director hires a frontman to prove that sexism is affecting her career.

Jody Lauren Miller gives you a front-row seat on just how bad sexism in advertising really is...

real-world style!

The Register


Short film.

Co-written by JLM.

"BRIDESMAIDS" meets "MAD MONEY" as sweet doormat Amy is 36, SINGLE, and going BROKE with every wedding, baby shower, and bachelorette party she attends.


From Concept to Reality:

The Register's Journey - First as a short film screenplay, put on its feet as a captivating single-episode episode podcast-film, Paving the way for an exciting future on the BIG screen!

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